I'm a research kinda person! Show me the proof I say!

The current research is providing us with significant positive effects on the physical, neurological, educational, and emotional wellbeing of children who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness!  Kid’s live in a hurried, stressed-out world; busy parents, split family units, peer pressure, bullying, abuse, school wide testing, academic stressors, competitive sports, and a relentless inundation of social media, computer and video games!  Whew!  The fundamental aspect of the yoga practices I teach to kids’ is the integration of breath, mindfulness, and movement within an educational or therapeutic environment!   Yoga asanas’ (postures) were developed thousands of years ago; inspired by animals, nature, plants and trees!  If you simply sit back and observe children you will see that they are natural yogis!  Yoga at an early age encourages healthy self-esteem, body awareness, compassion, strengthening, flexibility, concentration, calmness, relaxation and a connection with self and others.

I am extremely passionate about yoga for kids!  I am certified to teach kid’s yoga by Yoga Ed. and just recently completed an awe-inspiring intensive training with Child Light Yoga.   During my travels abroad, I was blessed with volunteering opportunities that allowed me to teach yoga to children at orphanages in Indonesia and Mexico.  I became inspired to research the benefits of yoga and yoga as therapy for kids.  I was so inspired, that  I developed, and continue to develop a series of teacher trainings ~ Anahata Kid’s Yoga©.  This exciting heart-centered teacher training offers a unique look into child development at a physical, psychological, and social level, including, anatomy, multiple intelligence's, personal feelings, emotions, temperament, character building, conflict resolution, yoga postures, yoga games, music, mediation, concentration, relaxation, storytelling, team building and anti-bullying!  I truly believe, there is nothing like teaching yoga to kid’s! Kid’s are intelligent; honor their intelligence and they will teach you how to teach them!  I tell all trainees’ for me personally, the secret to teaching yoga to kid’s is first and foremost, have fun... be prepared... and then be ready to adjust, accommodate, and adapt!