Meditation and mindfulness are both uplifting parts of yoga, counseling, and yoga therapy. 

The research on the benefits on mediation and mindfulness is "mind" blowing!  I offer guidance and direction in various meditative modalities.  Benefits include lowering blood pressure, lowering stress levels; detach from judgments’ and emotional reactions, cultivate lasting peace,  learning  to control your thoughts, feelings and energy.  There are many ways to meditate, even five minutes a day can help to still the mind; I practice and teach mindfulness through mediation and breath; guided meditation, walking meditation, daily living meditation, single point meditation and yoga nidra. 

Meditation is a great opportunity to listen to what your body is telling you; when we learn to be attentive to our body's signals, we begin to witness our thoughts, behaviors, feelings and emotions.  Witnessing leads us to identifying; identifying leads to acceptance; acceptance to trust; trust to release.  Release or letting go.... allows space for kindness, forgiveness, self-love and gratitude.   

Try this simple mediation and mindfulness practice:

Just notice, how are you FEELING right now in this moment?  Can you name the feeling(s)? Can you identify where in your body you FEEL it?  Are you able to be a witness to it?  Just for this moment, I invite you to close your eyes, pay attention to your breath, observe your body, your feelings, thoughts and emotions; observe everything like a cloud gently passing by, now surrender. Breathe, you are right where you need to be!