Yoga Nidra, otherwise known as yoga sleep offers a lovely way to access meditation.  Yoga Nidra is beneficial at reducing worries, stress and tension as well as assisting in the resolution of psychological wounds.  

Anahata Yoga Therapy offers Yoga Nidra as a healing modality.   I am blessed to have studied Yoga Nidra at the Amrit Yoga Institute, in beautiful Salt Springs, Florida.  It is here that I received my certification as a Yoga Nidra facilitator. 


Yoga Nidra is simply divine; during the practice of Yoga Nidra, the participant is lying comfortably with props; perhaps blocks, bolsters and eye mask; they silently create and express their sankalpa (intention, wish, desire), this is followed by a guided awareness of the body, breath and emotional status, a guided, relaxing and meditative visualization follows, completed by a gentle awakening and reintegration.  Benefits may include decreased insomnia, stress reduction, relieves tenson, heightened awareness, reduction of negative habits and behaviors, relaxes the mind, decreased anxiety and an overall sense of wellness, calm and peace.  For many, yoga nidra offers an expansion in creativity!